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What You Need to Know About the Moving Forward Act

The major $1.5 trillion stimulus package will be voted on this Saturday. The 2,300-page proposal includes funding that covers roads, bridges, transit, rail, schools, housing, broadband, drinking and wastewater systems, postal service, clean energy sector, health care infrastructure and much more.

Here are some things you need to know about the proposal in regards to arguably the most emphasized section: transportation:

  • More than $300 billion is going to upgrading existing roads and bridges in need of repair.
  • Included are a number of safety measures for the National Highway Traffic Administration to enact, including rethinking speed limits and having automakers include tech that lower the chance of carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Research into hyperloop transportation systems, which would undoubtedly increase transportation time and efficiency.

The long-awaited infrastructure bill is at the fingertips of policymakers, and if approved, would surely benefit our neglected infrastructure.

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