Water Crisis Continues In Flint After Judge Orders Water Delivery

The state of Michigan is fighting a judge’s order mandating water delivery to Flint residents who need it. Democrat state Sen. Jim Ananich of Flint discusses the controversy.

Transcript: LINDA WERTHEIMER, HOST: In Flint, Mich., many residents are still struggling to get enough safe drinking water. It’s been over a year and a half since the first city tests showed dangerous lead levels in a Flint resident’s water. And last week, a federal judge demanded the state deliver safe bottled drinking water to all Flint residents who don’t have functioning water filters. But the state of Michigan is challenging that order saying it would cost some $10 million a month to deliver the amount of water the court is asking for. And Michigan says it’s not necessary because it already delivers bottled water to anyone who asks for it.


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