Wis. Wastewater Treatment Plant Employs Advanced Biological Nutrient Recovery From Clearas

FOND DU LAC, WI, OCTOBER 5, 2016 — The recent pilot program of Clearas Water Recovery’s Advanced Biological Nutrient Recovery (ABNRTM) treatment system conducted in partnership with the Fond du Lac Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility and manufacturing representatives, Mulcahy Shaw Water, has produced impressive results in the reduction of total phosphorus and other primary nutrients in the facility’s surface water discharge. To date, total phosphorus levels in the effluent used for piloting at Fond du Lac have averaged 0.032 mg/L with a resulting reduction of 94% post-treatment thanks to Clearas’ technology. Given the new, stricter regulatory requirements from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for point source dischargers regarding phosphorus levels, plant superintendent, Jeremy Cramer, has been pleased with the performance of the Clearas ABNR system. “Our future total phosphorus limit will likely be 0.04 mg/L and the Clearas pilot unit is consistently treating our wastewater to levels below 0.04 mg/L”, said Cramer. While the Fond du Lac staff have been greatly pleased with the pilot results, they have been equally pleased with the easy adoption of the ABNR technology.


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