Multimillion-dollar wastewater plant more than half complete

A new sewage treatment plant south of the Wakarusa River is taking shape, and city engineers say the multimillion-dollar project is now more than half complete. At more than $74 million for the plant and related infrastructure, the project is one of the largest the city has recently undertaken. “What this plant can treat is almost half of town, area wise,” said Melinda Harger, utilities engineer for the city. The Wakarusa Wastewater Treatment Plant will give the city greater capacity to handle growth and meet new treatment regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency. Harger said the new plant, at 2300 E 41st St., will increase the capacity of the city by 2.5 million gallons per day, or by about 20 percent. The plant will treat sewage from West and South Lawrence that is currently following a long track through city infrastructure to be treated at the city’s lone plant on the northeastern edge of town. Harger said the new plant will bring more efficiency to the process.


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