Collaboration Vital For Cities To Tackle Climate Change

A new report has reaffirmed the vital need for cities to collaborate with companies, investors, and regional governments to mitigate the impact of climate change. Published this week, the new report by global infrastructure firm AECOM and non-profit organization CDP, sponsored by Bloomberg Philanthropies, is their fifth annual report, and further clarifies the need for cities already intent on doing something to mitigate climate change to collaborate with companies, investors, and regional governments. The report highlights nearly 300 cities across the planet that have already called for collaborative action to combat the economic and environmental impact of climate change. The report, It Takes a City: the Case for Collaborative Climate Action, is based on climate data from 533 cities in 89 countries disclosed through CDP’s cities program. This is a 70% increase on the previous year’s report, and reveals that 89% of the cities view climate change as a significant risk, 44% have a climate action plan in place, and 36% have city-wide emissions reduction targets. Of the 190 cities with emissions reduction targets in place, 74% are already collaborating with businesses to achieve them.


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