U.S. Water And Wastewater Infrastructure Get Near-Failing Grades

The definitive report on U.S. infrastructure, issued this week for the first time in four years, put a spotlight on the deep challenges the nation faces in upgrading its water and wastewater systems. The U.S. received an overall grade of “D+” on the infrastructure report card issued by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). Wastewater and drinking water infrastructure scored a “D+” and a “D,” respectively. The Hill reported: “The rating is considered ‘poor’ and ‘at risk,’ just one step above failing and unfit for purpose.” Wired summed up the assessment like this: “Well, it really is as bad as you think.” The nation’s overall grade of “D+” has not changed since 2013, meaning little progress has been made since that time.



Source: Water Online

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