$2 billion US marines infrastructure

SPECIALIST accommodation at Robertson Barracks forms part of a $2 billion infrastructure spend from the US Force Posture Initiative. Speaking at the 4th Northern Australia Defence Summit yesterday, Director-General of US Force Posture, Brigadier Tim Bayliss, outlined the direction of the US marine presence and the comprehensive strategic partnership between Australia and Singapore signed earlier this year. The 1250 US rotational marine force has just finished its six-month deployment. This number is expected to double to 2500 by 2020. The Singapore agreement involves up to 14,000 troops being trained in north Queensland twice a year at locations south of Townsville. Brigadier Bayliss is responsible for the implementation of the programs. “The will bring strategic, operational and economic benefits in the north,” he said. “For the first time infrastructure has been identified as a key enable to achieve our key ADF strategies.”


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