Can the US Cut Energy Use in Half by 2050?

In its Annual Energy Outlook for 2016 published in September, the U.S. Energy Information Administration projected that U.S. energy use would be cut by 40% to 60% by 2050. Cutting energy use is not the same as cutting emissions, although that is a big benefit to cutting energy use. Reducing energy use means using less energy more efficiently to achieve the same result. The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) defines energy efficiency as a resource “capable of yielding energy and demand savings that can displace electricity generation from coal, natural gas, nuclear power, wind power, and other supply-side resources.” On Wednesday the ACEEE released a progress report on its goal of reducing energy use in half by 2050. The group believes that goal can be reached, although “we will need to double down on our efforts.”


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