For Energy Efficiency, US Air Force Aims High In Oklahoma

Energy efficiency seems to play second fiddle when it comes to attention-grabbing clean tech news, but the US Air Force is determined to make its Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma a national model for energy efficiency retrofits. Also known as the home of the recently reclaimed 56-year-old B-52H “Ghost Rider” Stratofortress bomber, Tinker already has a 30% overall energy savings under its belt, and it is aiming at 44% with a new round of updates. How low can tinker go: clearly, there is a floor to energy efficiency in specialized facilities, so you’re not likely to see a Passive House version of Tinker AFB on the horizon. A previous round of energy efficiency efforts in 2012 focused on ditching the base’s steam heat grid in favor of a decentralized system and the installation of a smart metering system.


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