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U.S. Prepares for Proliferation of Cyber Warfare

As the Ukraine crisis increases the threat on U.S networks and critical infrastructure. The 1.5 trillion spending package is dedicated the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and to tighten cyber incident reporting requirements for sectors like transportation and energy.

According to C4ISR, recent CISA guidance emphasizes the vital importance of including cybersecurity in the design of new infrastructure projects, regardless of the sector or the size of the organization. This is where national cybersecurity becomes a state and local issue as well. This summer, CISA is expected to issue guidelines to help mayors and governors utilize the law’s $1 billion cyber grant program dedicated to building cyber maturity at the state and local level. However, if we spent only $1 billion on cybersecurity out of a $1.2 trillion total, we would be woefully underinvesting in cybersecurity and resilience.

For those state and local governments, it’s better to build in cyber protocols now as the infrastructure upgrades are being planned and implemented than trying to chase down vulnerabilities as they’re being exploited.

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