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U.S. House to vote on $500B infrastructure funding plan in July

After House Democrats unveiled a $494 billion five-year surface transportation bill on Wednesday, the U.S. House of Representatives is planning on voting to boot infrastructure spending in early July.

The bill provides $319 billion to fix 47,000 to crumbling bridges, $105 billion for mass transit, and almost $30 billion to invest in passenger railraod Amtrak and rail infrastructure.

“For decades, Congress has repeatedly ignored the calls for an overhaul and instead simply poured money into short-term patches. The result? We’re still running our economy on an inefficient, 1950s-era system,” House Transportation Committee Chairman Peter DeFazio told Reuters.

According to the article in Reuters, President Donald Trump and the Democratic leaders agreed on $2 trillion going towards infrastructure spending, without “hashing out a way” to pay for it. Weeks later, Trump “abruptly” canceled the follow-up meeting after criticizing congressional investigations.

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