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U.S. DOT Releases $6.4 Billion for States to Reduce Carbon Emissions

The U.S. DOT’s Federal Highway Administration has issued $6.4 billion for their new program: Carbon Reduction Program (CRP), created under the President’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. The program will help states address the climate crisis as well as formulate carbon reduction strategies.

According to NGT News, the Carbon Reduction Program will fund a wide range of projects designed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from on-road highway sources – from installing infrastructure to support the electrification of freight vehicles or personal cars, to constructing Bus Rapid Transit corridors, to facilitating micro-mobility and biking. Under the CRP, states must also develop carbon reduction strategies in consultation with Metropolitan Planning Organizations to identify projects and strategies tailored to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in their states, although states and localities may begin using the CRP funds even before plans are developed and reviewed.

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