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U.S. Coast Guard Releases Spending Plan for Infrastructure Bill Funding

The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) released a spending plan for funding received from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). In a statement, Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski, expressed her excitement  for future projects for the state, which has the biggest coastline of the 50.

According to Lisa Murkowski’s official website, some project details include:

  • Fuel Pier Recapitalization – Kodiak: $130 million for Base Kodiak’s fuel pier upgrades. This pier will support fueling requirements for National Security, Offshore Patrol, Fast Response, and other cutters. The upgrades include rebuilding the current pier and replacement of existing fuel piping infrastructure, ensuring safe over-the-water transfer of fuel, keeping our waters safe.
  • Housing Construction Phase IV – Kodiak: $40 million for the forth phase of Base Kodiak’s housing project. This phase will provide new housing to Coast Guard families.
  • Fast Response Cutter (FRC) Crew Housing – Seward: $13.5 million for new housing construction in Seward, Alaska. This housing will support FRC crew and associated Coast Guard families, as the Coast Guard looks to upgrade their 110-foot Island Class cutters to the new FRC platform.
  • Afloat Maintenance Support Improvements – Ketchikan: $4 million for the Ketchikan industrial facility, which supports Coast Guard cutters and boats in Alaska. This funding includes installment of a 65-ton crane for FRC engine maintenance and 45-foot Response Boat-Medium dry dock services.
  • Child Development Center Facility – Kodiak: $40 million for Base Kodiak’s new child development center. The existing facility cannot meet current childcare demands – this funding will increase the capacity by relocate the facility outside of the tsunami threat zone.

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