Tuscon, Arizona’s Potable Water Reuse Pilot Project Wins Wateruse Arizona Project of the Year Award

WateReuse Arizona has selected Tucson, Arizona’s Potable Water Reuse Pilot as its 2016 Project of the Year recipient. The award, which was presented at the Arizona Water Reuse 2016 Symposium in Flagstaff, held July 24-26, recognizes outstanding contributions to the water reuse industry within the state of Arizona. The six-month pilot test was conducted by CH2M under a tailored collaboration project between Tucson Water and the University of Arizona for the WateReuse Research Foundation (WRRF-13-09). The project was led by Larry Schimmoller, CH2M’s Global Technology Leader for Water Reuse, along with Jeff Biggs from Tucson Water and Dr. Shane Snyder from the University of Arizona.

The scheme consisted of multiple barriers to treat secondary effluent for the purpose of potable reuse including soil aquifer treatment (SAT) using Tucson Water’s existing Sweetwater Recharge Basins, side-stream nanofiltration (NF), ozone (O3) and granular activated carbon filtration in both adsorption and biological modes (GAC/BAC). The pilot demonstrated excellent finished water quality, the benefits of multiple treatment barriers in reducing organics and pathogens, as well as the superiority of side-stream nanofiltration treatment as a sustainable and cost effective alternative to reverse osmosis (RO) treatment.


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