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The Future of Our Roads Bridges, Trains and Tunnels

As funding from Washington starts to spread, each project has its costs and benefits.

In The Bond Buyer’s four part series, they detail the cost and benefits for projects all across the nation. The Bond Buyer looks at the changes this infrastructure moment could bring to landscapes and markets across the nation. It includes four longform feature stories running every other Tuesday for the remainder of 2021, beginning November 16th and concluding December 28th; a four-episode companion podcast series beginning November 30th; and a live video December 28th on our ‘Leaders’ channel, all hosted by the author.

If you want to see what many infrastructure advocates imagine for the United States’ future, look to the Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority, known as Sound Transit, which serves the Seattle metropolitan area. Sound Transit’s popular light rail system diverts commuters and their gas-guzzling engines away from Interstate 5, Washington state’s busiest highway. It makes convenient stops at the airport, major universities and sports stadiums. It’s expanding north toward Everett, east to Redmond (home of Microsoft) and south to Tacoma, with $9.9 billion worth of additional stations planned by 2024. And it runs entirely on hydroelectric and wind power.

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