The Biden-⁠Harris Administration Announces Action Plan to Accelerate Infrastructure

The Biden-Harris administration is to deliver projects on time, on task and on budget.

According to The White House, in May, the Biden-Harris Administration released a new Permitting Action Plan to strengthen and accelerate federal permitting and environmental reviews by fully leveraging existing authorities, as well as new provisions in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. The Permitting Action Plan outlines the Administration’s strategy for ensuring that federal environmental reviews and permitting processes are effective, efficient, and transparent, guided by the best available science to promote positive environmental and community outcomes, and shaped by early and meaningful public engagement.

The recently-signed Inflation Reduction Act provides $1 billion over the next ten years for federal agencies to support the timely review of major federal infrastructure projects, along with training for more effective community engagement, a critical aspect of project development.

To build on that effort, today, at the White House Accelerating Infrastructure Summit, the Administration and outside organizations are announcing new efforts and an Action Plan to accelerate the rebuilding of our infrastructure and maximize this once-in-a-generation opportunity to build a better America.

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