Study: US Power Grid Is Vulnerable To Hacking And EMP, But Only Texas Is Taking It Seriously

America’s power grid is vulnerable to electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) and cyber attacks, and only Texas is taking these threats seriously, according to a new report by a conservative think tank. Researchers backed by the National Center for Policy Analysis found the U.S. electric grid was highly vulnerable to both cyberattacks and EMPs from other countries and small terrorist groups. They also determined Texas was the only state dealing with the threat since it has a self-contained power grid. “The entire U.S. electric power system is a prime target of cyberattacks from hostile governments and terrorist organizations, but the Lone Star State is in a unique position to act,” Luke Twombly and David Grantham, the report’s authors, said in a press release. “Texas plays a unique role in America’s infrastructure as the only state with a self-contained electric grid.”


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