Rescinding the Clean Water Rule could ruin the environment: Valley View

Trout streams here in upstate New York are beyond iconic. The Willowemoc and the Beaverkill, to name just two, are famous waters filled with wild trout that attract anglers from all over the world. When Roscoe, N.Y., calls itself “Trout Town, U.S.A.,” it’s not just marketing. If you take a close look at a map of these streams, what you see is this: meandering offshoots that look like the veins in a leaf. These thin blue lines are the headwaters of our legendary trout waters. Water from these skinny tributaries flows into the Willowemoc, and from there into the Beaverkill, the East Branch of the Delaware River, the main stem of the Delaware, and eventually, hundreds of miles downstream past Trenton and Philadelphia, into the ocean.


Source: Poughkeepsie Journal

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