Rebuilding the American economy and infrastructure to bring peace and prosperity to all

The current state of our nation might seem like a dream to most. Not only are we dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and trying to slowly re-open the economy, the latest events have shined a light on social injustice and triggered protests across the nation.

Though many things, such as our infrastructure, might have taken a backseat, the light at the end of the tunnel is something we should all be in search of. Our infrastructure system has been ailing for years, similar to what many might say about how our government handles social injustice. There’s a push that needs to happen so that policymakers address problems that have been around for years and left unaddressed. The parallelism is ironic, but it holds true.

As CNBC’s Ron Insana points out, “the triumphs of yesteryear are relics of an age gone by. Coal, steel and smokestacks are not America’s future. Enlightened governance, enhanced technologies, advanced infrastructure, lifelong learning and adaptability are the keys to our economy’s future success.”

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