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Publisher’s Note: May 2022

Hello Readers in print and online,

The war in Ukraine rages on abated, our TV news shows providing awful glimpses into the horror that is happening daily for the citizens of Ukraine, in the fight of their very lives. Our President is asking Congress to approve more funding necessary to continue our support of munitions, intelligence and other provisions to the Ukrainians. All of this has raised the specter of instability and the likelihood of increased cyber attacks on critical U.S. infrastructure assets. Such attacks are being thwarted daily, although several high profile attacks have been partially successful. Now is the time to double down on your organization’s cybersecurity. Being prepared is the best defensive posture. 

With cyber security front of the mind daily for so many of us, it is no wonder we have been increasingly reporting on the subject for the past two months. Our own newsletter features links to dozens of infrastructure specific news stories every week. Published three days a week for 14 years, confidential subscriptions are complimentary for industry professionals. We never sell our subscribers’ data. 

As the funds from infrastructure specific legislation become available, more projects are getting started. We see the DOE expressing interest in geothermal energy sources, an increased interest in offshore wind energy and FAA funds directed to replacement air traffic control towers. We also note the ‘Buy American’ provisions of the legislation, which require we direct these taxpayer funds inwards for project participation. 

Although the economy slowed in Q1 by 1.4%, the current employment numbers point to sustainable economic growth overall. We are experiencing the lowest unemployment in fifty years. It has been suggested that our economy takes a lot to get going and, by extension, a lot to slow it down too. 

Despite the pandemic, massive inflation and the vagaries of a still much inflated stock market, the U.S. economy continues to lumber along, driven by pent up demand and consumer spending. If the established measure of recession is two consecutive slowing quarters, what is reported in July will be telling. 

Our editorial team would like to remind you we are always looking for interesting projects to share in the magazine. Have you worked on something recently that you would like us to review and consider? Please get in touch at and we will do our very best to bring your work to life within these pages. Don’t forget to check out our website at, where there are always stories, articles, products and services and useful information available. 

We hope you enjoy this issue and the updated Municipal Management 500 database within. 

Thank you for the privilege of your readership. Slainte, 

Nick Slevin


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