President Biden to Galvanize Global Action to Strengthen Energy-Security

President Biden reconvened on climate change with leaders of the Major Economics Forum to propose actions actions that will strengthen energy security, enhance the resilience of global food security, and tackle the climate crisis.

According to the White House, at today’s meeting, President Biden’s third MEF convening since taking office, world leaders raised ambition and, following U. S. leadership, joined new efforts and initiatives aimed at tackling the climate crisis while advancing energy security and food security, including:

Global Methane Pledge Energy Pathway: Tackling methane leaks, venting, and flaring from the oil and gas sector by capturing wasted gas and bringing it to market — bolstering our energy security and climate goals;
Collective 2030 Zero-Emission Vehicle Goal and Green Shipping Challenge: Putting more zero-emission vehicles on the road and decarbonizing ocean-based shipping — reducing emissions in the transport sector while breaking our dependence on volatile oil markets and prices;
Clean Energy Technologies Demonstration Challenge: Speeding the commercialization of new technologies — enabling us to break dependence on other unabated, volatile fossil fuels and advance the clean energy transition; and
Efforts to Enhance Food Security: Increasing fertilizer efficiency and alternatives — reducing agriculture emissions while bolstering global food security.

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