Pelosi Shifts Infrastructure Deadline to October 31

In a letter to House Democrats, House speaker Nancy Pelosi moved the deadline for the bipartisan infrastructure bill once again.

After progressive democrats refused to vote, Pelosi said they need more time in order to pass both the infrastructure bill and the larger reconciliation bill.

“It’s about time! To get the job done to meet the needs of the people in a transformative way to Build Back Better,” Pelosi said in her letter. “There were two dynamics at work: a commitment to the date reachable under original budget agreement and a commitment not to bring BIF to the Floor unless we had consensus on both the topline number in the Build Back Better Act and the policies contained and commitments from all stakeholders in the House and Senate that they support the agreement: criteria that have been suggested by Members.  Out of respect for our colleagues who support the bills and out of recognition for the need for both, I would not bring BIF to the Floor to fail.  Again, we will and must pass both bills soon.  We have the responsibility and the opportunity to do so.  People are waiting and want results.”

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