Paving a Clear Road to Highly Automated Vehicles

Today, driving can be frustrating if you’re stuck in traffic—which tends to be a regular experience for many commuters. In the United States alone, 5.5 billion hours of productivity are lost from waiting in traffic each year. [1]Driving today is also dangerous. More than 30,000 people die each year from preventable auto accidents on U.S. roadways, and 93 percent of those accidents are caused by human error.[2] The annual worldwide cost of those vehicle accidents is a staggering $871 billion per year. [3]While statistics like these paint a bleak picture of the experience on our roads and highways, they also underscore a huge opportunity to put breakthrough technologies to work to help make driving safer. With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), faster communications networks, and dramatic advances in the technologies for highly automated vehicles (AVs), we now have what it takes to recapture billions of dollars in lost productivity while improving safety on our roads and highways, and in effect, reinvent the driving experience.


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