Greener infrastructure said key to Paris climate deal: study

Global spending on infrastructure will total $90 trillion in the next 15 years and is the key to greener economic growth after the Paris agreement on climate change won a formal go-ahead, a study said on Thursday. A global commission, including former heads of government, business leaders and economists, said resilient infrastructure from the design of roads to rural water supplies could limit both global warming and pollution and ensure economic growth. “Investing in sustainable infrastructure is the wisest decision we can take for our future,” former Mexican President Felipe Calderon, head of the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate, said in a statement. On Wednesday, the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change passed a key threshold of support needed to enter into force in what President Obama hailed as a historic day for protecting the planet. “We have agreed a global climate agenda, now we should act on it,” Calderon said. The study took a broad view of infrastructure saying it encompassed energy supplies, public transport, buildings, water and sanitation as well as what it called the “natural infrastructure” of forests and wetlands.


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