A New Electric Smart Car: Why, Yes. Yes, It Is.

The Smart car brand unveiled a new-generation Smart electric vehicle at the Paris Motor Show, to go on sale in the United States in 2017, starting with the hardtop version in the spring, and a convertible in the summer. The new version, the 2017 Smart fortwo coupe electric drive, recharges in less than half the time of the model it replaces, although that’s still 2½ hours. The company claims a range of about 99 miles on a full charge. That’s based on European testing; the numbers could change according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards. Pricing for the 2017 model will be announced closer to launch, but suggested retail for the 2016 model is $25,925. That includes $925 destination charge, but the sticker price does not reflect substantial tax breaks including a $7,500 federal tax credit, available for buying an electric vehicle. Incidentally, smartusa.com was advertising a $139 monthly lease payment for the hardtop, or $199 for the cabriolet, through Sept. 30.


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