A New Clean Energy Record Was Just Set in the U.S.

Renewable energy met a major milestone in the U.S., with wind powering over 50 percent of the country’s electric demand. The Southwest Power Pool (SPP)—a grid operator responsible for powering 14 states — notes that while it may have been brief, the fact that the U.S. hit the mark even for a short period of time is notable, since it was the first a North American power grid to achieve the feat. According to their report, wind power reached 52.1 percent last February, beating the previous record of 49.2 percent. “Ten years ago, we thought hitting even a 25 percent wind-penetration level would be extremely challenging,” SPP Vice President of Operations Bruce Rew said in a statement, “and any more than that would pose serious threats to reliability.”


Source: Futurism

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