Major Wins for Workers in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Package

Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure bill will not only improve the nation’s infrastructure, but create thousands of jobs for Americans.

According to the Center for American Progress, these investments will create hundreds of thousands of good construction and manufacturing jobs that pay decent wages and benefits; are located in the United States; and have the potential to increase access for women, workers of color, and LGBTQI+ Americans.

The infrastructure package has the potential to significantly expand pathways into good jobs for all working people through training programs that recruit and policies that can increase demand for underrepresented workers. For example, the IIJA will support the creation of training centers for the installation and maintenance of energy efficient building technologies run in partnership with employers and labor unions; allow the use of surface transportation funds for the establishment of registered apprenticeship or pre-apprenticeship programs; and permit cities and states receiving federal funds to establish local hiring programs with economic or geographic preferences.

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