Plan will create roadmap to maintaining water, sewer services

Greater Sudbury is working on a roadmap for getting its underground water and sewer infrastructure in shape. Meeting on Tuesday, councillors got an overview of how the Water and Wastewater Master Plan will be developed. It will identify what the city needs to do to maintain its current system, as well as accommodate future growth. Council heard from Michelle Albert from WSP Toronto, the engineering consulting firm that is preparing the plan. She said it will outline a strategy for maintaining the infrastructure through 2041. She said it’s an infrastructure planning study that will identify deficiencies, optimize the use of existing infrastructure, determine capital priorities and ways to accommodate growth. “There is a lot of wastewater infrastructure in the community,” Albert said, adding the city has more than 800 kilometres of sewer infrastructure and 973 kilometres of water pipes, spread over a wide area across seven former municipalities.


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