Local, state government eyeing BRT project as future of local transportation

The last obstacle to construction of a Broad Street-centered bus rapid transit service was cleared last week when Richmond City Council approved the $50 million project, billed by advocates as the spine around which the bones of a true regional transportation network can be fashioned.

And the GRTC Transit System, which will operate the Pulse service on a 7.6-mile route between Willow Lawn and Rocketts Landing, is fully aware of just how much the future of that regional vision depends on ensuring the area’s first foray into bus rapid transit is a hit. “We need to make this first step a huge success,” said GRTC spokeswoman Carrie Rose Pace. “But simultaneously … there are regional conversations taking place with Chesterfield County, with Henrico, with Ashland, with other jurisdictions about what are their transit needs and how they can meet them. “So, while we get this ready to go and our focus is making this the best it can possibly be, we are laying the groundwork for future success regionally.”


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