The Problem With Our Infrastructure Isn’t Lack Of Spending, It’s Regulations

When it comes to improving our nation’s crumbling infrastructure, Doug Davis has one nice thing to say about the Obama administration. “When they rolled out that new bureau to streamline transportation projects, they made a bunch of signs to put up all around the country,” said Davis, who works as a county engineer in Appalachia Ohio. “Those were some nice-looking signs,” he said. But that’s about all Davis has to say, because his experience in watching the infrastructure promises of the Obama administration – “modernized roads… new sewer systems… mass transit…. new-era jobs” – has assured him that promises often fail to result in any meaningful change. “They threw so much crap into every project, the money handled so poorly, and ended up just feeding their bureaucrat friends over in Public Works, that nothing real was accomplished,” Davis said.


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