Infrastructure Bill Could Help Supply Chain Crisis

With hundreds of shipping containers sitting on boats off the coast, the supply chain crisis in the U.S. is in full effect. In an article by CNN, they report that there is no quick fix to the supply chain crisis, but that Biden’s infrastructure bill could help alleviate it.

The legislation calls for major federal investments in each step of the US freight network: Inland waterways and rail used for transporting goods and produce, highways and bridges traveled heavily by truck drivers as well as the nation’s seaside ports, the biggest of which is currently facing a record backlog of shipping containers sitting on scores of ships waiting off the coast.

Altogether, the bill would provide up to $78 billion over five years to address the interconnected system that moves freight across the country, according to the Coalition for America’s Gateways and Trade Corridors that advocates for the nation’s freight infrastructure.

The new investment would provide a 40% increase to two key federal freight infrastructure programs as well as additional money for new programs.

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