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Infrastructure and Transportation a Main Focus in Latest Coronavirus Relief Package Proposal

U.S Rep. Peter DeFazio is commending a proposed relief bill that puts infrastructure and transportation in the spotlight.

“As this unprecedented health and economic crisis continues to wreak havoc on workers, families, and communities across our country, Congress must continue to step up with big, bold measures to blunt the worst of its effects. As Chair of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, I’m especially focused on making sure the Federal government helps protect frontline transportation workers and those who still must travel with clear and consistent policies on personal protective equipment that will help stop the spread of this insidious virus,” DeFazio said in an article from Transportation Today.

The proposed legislation, which was passed by the House on Friday, will strengthen conditions for those working on the front lines, specifically in the transportation industry; provide financial relief to low-income consumers for clean water and wastewater expenses; and will give funding to transit agencies in the state and local levels.

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