Indiana water infrastructure needs $2.3B in urgent work

INDIANAPOLIS — The state’s aging water infrastructure needs $2.3 billion in immediate repairs and $815 million a year in additional maintenance spending to protect human health and stem the loss of some 50 billion gallons a year that never make it to a customer. A new Indiana Finance Authority report, commissioned by the General Assembly, found the state’s 554 independent water systems are struggling to maintain quality service as water pipes, mains and other underground assets reach or exceed their useful lives. “Leakage from these old mains has recently become urgent,” the report declares. “If Indiana addresses the problem now, the cost of maintaining the system will not cause societal or economic disruption.” Indiana has more than 46,000 miles of water pipes operated by community water systems that serve 4.76 million Hoosiers, or 72 percent of the state’s population.


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