Iconic Infrastructure: Interstate 80

  • The Interstate 80 (I-80) is an east– west transcontinental freeway that runs from downtown San Francisco, California, to Teaneck, New Jersey, in the New York City Metropolitan Area.
  • The I-80 is the second longest freeway in the United States, running a total of 2,899 miles.
  • The I-80 roughly traces several historic travel routes through the United States including the Oregon Trail, the California trail, the first transcontinental airmail route.
  • The highway was designated as part of the Interstate Highway System in 1956 and its final segment was completed in 1986.
  • Multiple improvements projects are planned for the I-80 including, ongoing construction to improve the I-80/I-65 interchange near Roseville, CA, upgrades to the I-80/I-680/Highway 12 interchange to improve traffic flow in Solano, CA, lane additions and pavement reconstruction in Nebraska, lane upgrades in Iowa, and more.