Surface Transportation Funding Gets Boost

A U.S. House Committee has authorized a $547 billion increase in surface transportation funds, which will mainly focus on repairing existing infrastructure and increasing passenger rail and transit.

According to an article by David Shepardson for Reuters, the 38 to 26 vote came “after more than 17 hours of debate” and comes just as the Senate Commerce Committee “is set to unveil a compromise surface transportation bill.”

The newly authorized spending is just one of many recent legislative attempts in the House and the Senate to address infrastructure. With the uncertainty of finding bipartisan compromise for President Biden’s massive infrastructure plan hanging in the air, this legislation provides a step towards surface transportation infrastructure repair in the nation.

According to the article by Shepardson,”The bill introduced by Transportation Committee chairman Peter DeFazio and other senior committee Democrats would authorize $343 billion for roads, bridges and safety – including $4 billion for electric vehicle charging infrastructure.”

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