Growing Pains On Roads Across The State

Mayor Sandy Moriarty is used to getting these messages: frustrated emails from residents blaming Sedona’s traffic problems on tourists, asking the city to stop marketing to them. Occasionally, she’ll pick up an angry call with similar exasperated “rants.” This small town of 10,000 people attracts 2.8 million annual visitors, according to Arizona Department of Transportation data. The number of visitors to the Red Rock Ranger District, which includes Sedona, tripled during the past 10 years, according to a U.S. Forest Service study. Congestion through the town’s main artery, State Route 89A, presents a problem. During holiday weekends and rolling spring breaks, cars are sometimes backed up outside of city limits into Oak Creek Canyon, coming back from a day in the Canyon or at Slide Rock State Park.


Source: Arizona Capitol TImes

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