Greencore Has Selected Advanced Battery Concepts’ Energy Storage Systems For Its Planned Network Of 10,000+ Solar EV Charging Plazas

CLARE, Mich., Jan. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Advanced Battery Concepts, LLC (“ABC”) and GreenCore EV Services LLC (“GreenCore”) announced they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding whereby ABC will begin supplying its patented GreenSeal® storage batteries to thousands of Solar Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Plazas being installed by GreenCore across the United States.  Under this arrangement, ABC will manufacture and supply the energy storage systems for an estimated 10,000 Solar EV Charging Plazas by the end of the decade.

The ABC “GreenSeal® Technology” represents a vital new approach to producing lead storage batteries for an optimal energy storage system regardless of electrical source—grid power, fuel cell, wind or solar farm.  Their batteries recharge twice as fast as standard lead storage batteries, provide higher power and offer an increased cycle life by about 300 percent compared to conventional storage batteries.  GreenSeal batteries continue to be 100 percent recyclable while offering the EV charging industry a domestically sourced energy storage solution.  Currently manufactured in Michigan, the ABC team will be installing additional manufacturing capacity to meet this ongoing demand for their GreenSeal batteries as well as other energy storage opportunities.

“We are delighted to partner with a leading EV infrastructure developer like GreenCore.  It is great to be working with a developer whose first priority is a superior customers experience in an environmentally sound and responsible way”, said Dr. Edward Shaffer, Founder and CEO of Advanced Battery Concepts.  “We look forward to working together to support the energy storage needs of GreenCore for many years to come”.

“ABC provides an ideal battery solution for cleaner and greener EV charging”, says Frank Baumann, CEO of GreenCore.  “They enable us to harness solar electricity generated on site to minimize our impact on the world with a game-changing, 100 percent recyclable battery”.

“Advancements in ABC’s ability to recycle and reuse battery components and materials significantly reduce manufacturing costs as well as related carbon footprint and environmental impacts”, Baumann further stated.

Both Advanced Battery Concepts and GreenCore understand that demand is growing rapidly for EV charging facilities.  Electric Vehicle sales increased by 39 percent in 2020 up to 2.1 million units, globally, (Canalys).  Projected growth figures cannot predict the exact “when” and “where” of EV demand, but GreenCore’s team has extensive experience in the EV Infrastructure & Renewable Energy industry that ABC recognizes as a crucial factor in this cooperative venture.

With thousands of installations in their future, both GreenCore and their energy storage supply partner, ABC, are looking forward to safe and easily installed and maintained Solar EV Charging Plazas for the retailers and community locations that are interested in facilitating such customers.

About Advanced Battery Concepts

As a global leader in bi-polar battery invention and manufacturing, the company has developed an extensive portfolio of patents and trade secrets, benefitting its licensees and other customers, termed GreenSeal® Technology.  This technology delivers improved battery performance at lower production costs for traditional lead batteries while also enabling application to other advanced chemistries.

About GreenCore

By the end of the decade, Greencore will build and operate a network of more than 10,000 premium Solar EV Charging Plaza’s throughout the United States.  Their Solar EV Charging Plazas will accommodate consumer and commercial vehicles.  Partnering with retail establishments and property owners, GreenCore’s Solar EV Charging Plaza’s will provide a superior experience for drivers.  Perpetual charging will replace range anxiety as drivers will be able to reliably charge their vehicles in safe and convenient locations.  

GreenCore’s team leveraged its decades of experience in solar and EV infrastructure, to develop environmentally friendly techniques and technologies that align with its mission to contribute towards a greener planet.  GreenCore’s team members have constructed hundreds of EV stalls across the United States including the two largest and most complicated solar EV charging stations in North America.  

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