Journalists, greens fear information crackdown

Journalists and advocates are fearful that the incoming Trump administration will clamp down on the public’s access to environmental information. On the campaign trail, Donald Trump continually railed against what he perceived as a widespread media bias against him. He revoked press credentials for The Washington Post, calling the outlet “phony and dishonest,” and banned several other media organizations from his campaign events. He later invited those outlets to return to his events, but the move sparked an outcry from media groups and transparency advocates. The president-elect took flak again last week for refusing to let journalists cover his White House meeting with President Obama, a departure from standard practice. Trump’s sometimes open disdain for the media has journalists, environmentalists and former government officials fretting that his team might restrict press access to top energy and environmental officials, stifle dissenting opinions of scientists and career staffers at agencies like U.S. EPA, and limit information about environmental policy that’s available publicly.


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