The Great Rebuilding

In the most divisive presidential election in memory, there was perhaps one thing every American could agree upon: The whole damn country is falling apart. Physically, that is, with most bridges in decay, transit systems unable to cope with growing ridership, and roadways with potholes that blow out tires, snarl traffic, and cause productivity-killing delays. And it has become a cliché to describe U.S. airports as “third world,” as Vice President Joe Biden dubbed New York’s wretched LaGuardia Airport, even though facilities in most emerging countries put America’s outmoded and inconvenient airports to shame. To that end, both the campaigns of President-elect Donald J. Trump and his opponent, Hillary Clinton, contained platform planks for major infrastructure expenditures. So, if we’re all in agreement, what’s preventing the bulldozers and cranes from getting to work? If it were that easy, it would already have been done.


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