Congressman says Georgia taking lead in transportation funding

Georgia has won acclaim across the country for taking responsibility for its transportation needs, says U.S. Rep. Rob Woodall, R-Athens. Woodall, who represents Georgia’s 7th Congressional District, is the only representative from Georgia to serve on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. He spoke Friday morning at the trade center in an event hosted by the Georgia Transportation Alliance. In 2015, the Legislature passed HB 170, which imposed new taxes that will raise about $900 million a year for transportation projects, and Woodall said encouraging more state responsibility for transportation was one of the aims when Congress passed a five-year, $325 billion transportation bill in December 2015. “That (bill) was less keep the bridges from falling down and let’s make sure the roads don’t develop any problems. It was a maintenance bill,” he said. “I can’t get the votes to raise revenues for transportation and get serious about transportation because folks don’t trust us they way they trust states and localities.”


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