The future of biking in Philly is here

The future of Philadelphia biking is here — and it’s all the way up in the Northeast. Over the summer, several bike lane projects were quietly installed in Northeast Philadelphia, projects that indicate where Philly’s infrastructure should go if the city wants to be serious about making biking a safe way to get around. The first project is probably the most stunning, as far as Philadelphia infrastructure goes. It’s a parking-protected two-way bike lane on Ryan Avenue in Mayfair, between Rowland and Lexington avenues, which brings road users into Pennypack Park. The 50-foot-wide street originally had vehicle parking against the curb, a bike lane inside the parking lane, two lanes of motor vehicle traffic and a center median. Now, the median is gone; parking on the north side has been moved 14 feet into the street, and a two-way bike lane has been moved to the curb, with a 4-foot buffer zone between the bike lanes and the parked cars. Bicyclists are literally separated from motor vehicle traffic by parked motor vehicles.


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