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Former Trump Energy Secretary Urges Biden to Fix Us Oil Infrastructure to Help Lower Gas Prices

The White House needs to focus on refining oil at home as Biden visits Saudi Arabia, says Dan Brouillette, former Trump energy secretary.

According to Fox Business, “The larger question here is not so much the actual production numbers coming from OPEC and OPEC+, it’s what you do with the oil. One of the challenges that we have in the world today and in the U.S. in particular is our ability to refine the product into gasoline, diesel and other products that is really driving the consumer interest in all of this. Folks of course pay attention to the price of crude oil, but what they really pay attention to is the price of refined gasoline at the pump every day,” says Brouillette.

“So we ought to be thinking about the infrastructure that’s necessary, that is required, frankly, to refine the product and ensure that it meets the market needs and it gets to the right markets. If I were to suggest a course of action for the president, for the administration today, would be to focus on infrastructure here in the United States and ensure that we have what we need.”

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