Fixing Fort Worth Flooding Issues Could Top $1 Billion, Report Says

It’s going to cost significantly more than anticipated to fix Fort Worth’s flooding problems, the city has learned in the decade since it started charging residents and businesses a monthly fee to address issues caused by aging infrastructure and development. In December 2005, when the city staff was recommending that the council create a storm-water utility and implement a management fee to pay for work, the staffers determined that it would take about $500 million to catch up on a backlog of projects to keep several areas of Fort Worth above water in heavy rains. But, Greg Simmons, manager of the city’s stormwater management program, now says, “What we’ve learned in the time since then, is the $500 million backlog is really a lot bigger” and that the figure only represents the most critical projects. All told, fixing the city’s storm-water problems could top $1 billion, he said.


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