More than fixing streets, city budget responsible, honest

Reminders about how bad, how potholed, and how practically undrivable Duluth’s streets have become arrive on a regular basis in Mayor Emily Larson’s mailbox. Exasperated city residents have taken to sending her their car-repair bills. Message received. Larson has come up with a plan to fix Duluth’s streets — a long-overdue plan and the first plan from a Duluth mayor in nearly a decade, since at least 2009 when the city’s main road-repair funding source, a share of Fond-du-Luth Casino profits, abruptly went away. Larson’s plan, which would fix six times the miles of streets per year than are being repaired now, is intertwined in a budget proposal that’s fiscally conservative and easy to embrace for its addressing of well-placed, clearly stated goals.


Source: Duluth News Tribune

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