Editorial: Step up to fix infrastructure

A recent commission formed by Gov. Rick Snyder called on lawmakers and policymakers to find $4 billion a year in new funding to update Michigan’s aging transportation, water and communications infrastructure system. It’s a big ask in a state with a $10 billion annual general fund budget. But the state’s roads, bridges and water lines can’t continue to be an afterthought. Rebuilding Michigan’s infrastructure must be the priority. Between the Flint water crisis and the notoriously poor road conditions, the result of decades of neglect is clear. Commissioning the report was a necessary first step. Now comes the hard part: Finding the money. The 21st Century Infrastructure Commission, put in place after the revelation of lead in Flint water, assessed and prioritized infrastructure needs throughout the state. Those needs range from water and sewerage system replacements to transportation, energy and communications networks.


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