If you want better roads, fewer potholes, you have to vote for Measure L

Enjoy seeing your gas-tax money spent in Alameda or Los Angeles? Like it when prospective businesses look at our roads, then quickly look elsewhere? How about that road in front of your house? Is it crumbling? If these problems concern you, vote to tax yourself a half-cent per dollar spent to fix our roads. That’s what Measure L promises to do by increasing the county’s sales tax by a nickel for every $10 you spend. It will raise $1 billion over 25 years – money we sorely need to fix streets in Ceres, Newman, Waterford and every other city. Money to patch those thousands of potholes across the county. Money to add lanes, reduce congestion, rebuild aging bridges. Your aunt will be able to take a bus to her medical appointment without hassle. And it will likely mean greater economic opportunity.

No, we’re not talking about new home developments. Those against Measure L are once again arguing that passing a sales-tax measure is nothing more than a sweetheart deal for developers. They’ve got nothing else.


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