Senator Sees Positives With Farmer Possibly Heading The EPA

Recently Donald Trump’s advisor Sam Clovis said a farmer should lead the EPA as its administrator. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says it would be positive for an ag producer to head the agency because it would lend realism to the EPA’s regulations effecting farms and ranches. He says some of those decisions included an attempt to regulate dust and the controversial waters of the U.S. rule. Grassley also says even if a farmer is named director of the EPA, that person’s hands will be tied to follow federal regulations. Grassley says there’s never been an EPA director who fully understand agriculture so having a person with that type of background could be helpful. Grassley says if Hillary Clinton wins the Presidential election, then the EPA regulations will likely get much stricter for agriculture. He says that’s because She’s had a position that’s even more to the left of President Obama.


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