Evans on Metro: ‘If your core business is failing, would you expand it?’

If a business is flailing, is it the right time to expand? That’s the question Metro Board Chair Jack Evans posed in response to a suggestion that the beleaguered transit agency stop expansion on the Silver Line until it has a better financial situation. On Tuesday, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority board member Corbett Price said he will ask the agency to consider canceling Phase II of the Silver Line. The $5.8 billion extension with stops from Reston to Ashburn is already under construction and slated to open in 2020. Price said canceling the extension would save about $100 million over two fiscal years beginning in mid-2018, at a time when the District and other jurisdictions are concerned about rising financial demands from Metro for increased government subsidies, The Washington Post reported. Metro’s board meets Thursday to discuss, among other things, the $290 million budget deficit for the next fiscal year. Metro has discussed fare increases, service cuts and increased contributions from the District, Maryland and Virginia to fill the gap.


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