The EPA shuts down oil wastewater disposal wells after a 5.6 magnitude earthquake hits Oklahoma

The US Environmental Protection Agency will order wastewater disposal wells shut near the epicenter of a 5.6 magnitude earthquake that struck on Saturday around Pawnee, Oklahoma, local media reported on Tuesday. The quake was one of the strongest ever to hit the state and prompted its oil and gas regulator, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, to order 37 disposal wells shut in a 725-square-mile (1,878-sq-km) area around Pawnee. It also asked the EPA to help shut disposal wells in a 211 square-mile (546.49-sq-km) area of Osage County because the OCC lacked jurisdiction there. Local news website NewsOK reported that the EPA told the OCC in a letter on Sunday that it would order Osage County wastewater wells to be shut, but did not specify how many would be affected. The EPA was not immediately available for comment.


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