Is the EPA holding your diesel hostage?

With the 2017 model year well under way, Jaguar is the only brand selling 2017 diesel light vehicles in the U.S. That compares with nine brands offering 20 models in the previous model year, including many from Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche, which are now sidelined from the diesel market altogether. Later this year, BMW will join Jaguar, having received a green light from the EPA over the summer. But for now, those are the only two auto makers cleared to sell 2017 diesels, an agency spokesman said. Other auto makers’ plans remain in limbo as the EPA continues the rigorous diesel testing regime it implemented in response to VW’s VW, -0.59% emissions violations, highlighting a lingering effect of the cheating scandal on the rest of the industry. Since last October, the EPA has subjected diesels to a new battery of tests designed to root out the type of cheating uncovered at VW. To deter auto makers from trying to game the tests, EPA officials have said little publicly about the enhanced testing, saying only that vehicles would be kept longer and tested in unpredictable ways.


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